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What is Wimmelbook?





WIMMELBUCH (German) is a picture book culture that has been popular in German-speaking countries such as Switzerland and Germany for a long time. This is a fun picture book that is large in size, has no text, and has many characters drawn on every page, making new discoveries every time you open the picture book.The illustrations, which are reminiscent of various stories, foster the reader's independence and imagination. The stories are set in places that children are familiar with, such as parks, zoos, towns, factories, and schools, and recently there has been an increase in the number of Wimmel books depicting towns and facilities in real places.

These "unreadable" picture books give children the opportunity to become the narrators of the story themselves and have their say, so in Switzerland and elsewhere, picture books have played an essential educational role in every home and kindergarten.


Among the many WIMMELBUCHs, Seno Atelier focuses on those drawn in real places, and not only cultivates children's independence, but also cultivates interest in the local area and revitalizes and revitalizes the local community. Focusing on its value as a tool, we are developing Wimmelbook with the concept of "connecting children and the city through picture books".


KAMAKURA Wimmelbook




Will be published in April 2024

“KAMAKURA Wimmelbook” is a wordless picture book set in Kamakura city, Japan.Tsurugaoka hachimangu shrine, Ofuna, Wakamiya-oji Street, Koshigoe, Yuigahama, Fukasawa, Kenchoji temple and Hase area are depicted with a variety of characters. 


SHONAN Wimmelbook



Will be published in April 2024

“SHONAN Wimmelbook” is a wordless picture book set in Shonan area, Japan.

Oiso, Hiratsuka, Chigasaki, Tsujido, Fujisawa, Enoshima island, and Kamakura area are depicted with a variety of characters. Please visit website for more information. 


SHONAN WIMMELBOOK - Activity Book - 




This book is full of activities that will make you enjoy the picture book even more!

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